Linking with Lipu, Jianshu group rebuild homes for people afflicted by flood disaster
Since the rainy season in Guangxi in June, Lipu city has been hit by continuous heavy rain, causing rare floods under continuous heavy rain. The city's total affected population of more than 100,000 people, resulting in a direct loss of 3.06 billion yuan. Jianshu group is acting...


Flood hit, we rescue and relief

01 After the flood —— Lipu City, Guangxi Province

Since the rainy season in Guangxi in June, it has been hit by heavy rain, causing rare floods under continuous heavy rain. The city's total affected population of more than 100,000 people, resulting in a direct loss of 3.06 billion yuan. Maling Town of Lipu City was seriously affected, some areas flooded the deepest 8 meters, and more than 90 houses collapsed. After the disaster, the leaders at all levels of Guilin city and Lipu City immediately went deep to direct the rescue activities of the town, and the relevant departments effectively implemented various prevention and control measures, properly settled the affected people, and achieved significant stage results. After the disaster, the villagers' living security, how to live normally and maintain the work order, by the leaders of all walks of life and caring people of great attention, the post

02 Act quickly and implement plan

After the flood, the Guangxi Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development immediately went to Lipu City to guide the post-disaster reconstruction work. After investigation and discussion, considering the objective factors such as the geographical environment, the time limit and other time limit, we decided to adopt prefabricated buildings, and immediately organized the prefabricated construction enterprises to rush to the affected areas, and strive to complete the housing construction work quickly and safely. Jianshu Group has undoubtedly become the main responsibility of the post-disaster reconstruction work.


                                                                                                                  "Prefabricated container house" is under construction

 After receiving the construction task of prefabricated container housing for the post-disaster reconstruction work of the Housing and Construction Department, Jianshu Group quickly started the project approval, set up a special working group and carried out related work. For the post-disaster reconstruction work, the company and all the staff attaches great importance to the post-disaster reconstruction task, also showed spirit, high work passion and mission will work determination, and by the company general manager as team commander, each functional department head as team members, coordinate production workshop priority scheduling, transportation resources, installation priority deployment, mobilize all forces for Ma Ling town reconstruction work to open the green channel, fast safeguard farmers to rebuild their homes. Jianshu Group is not only committed to its own development, but also expects to become an enterprise with responsible social responsibilities and contributions. With its actions, it has once again demonstrated a strong sense of social responsibility and the enterprise spirit of achieving the mission.


June 23, Chairman Yang, deputy director of Guangxi Housing and Construction Department, Secretary of Lipu Municipal Party Committee, Mayor of Lipu, Director Yang of Department Assembly Office and Deputy Director Liu of Guilin Housing and Construction Bureau, went to carry out the construction of prefabricated light steel agricultural houses. During the inspection, the leaders learned about the housing environment, component materials and construction progress of the prefabricated farm houses, affirmed the site construction work of the responsible area of Jianshu Group, and guided the installation and construction work of each project. From the construction site, the prefabricated farm house is not only fast construction speed, excellent quality, beautiful shape, but also fully affirmed by the local government and highly recognized by the residents.



The Ma ling town post-disaster reconstruction work, established group received a total of 4 sets of prefabricated farmhouse construction tasks, has been completed, in order to fully support the prefabricated farmhouse construction work, quickly rigorous to complete the great trust of the relevant departments, established group into manpower total more than 30 people, June 20, in the installation work, June 22, the main part of installation completed on June 23, outer wall plate, June 24, complete internal filling and internal plate, June 27, interior decoration draws to a close, June 29 has been completed. In the process of post-disaster reconstruction task, the birth of every prefabricated farm house is inseparable from the hard work of the building people, making farmers have a green and safe home more quickly.


District poverty alleviation and social security housing

In addition to the post-disaster reconstruction work in Maling Town, Lipu City, in May 2020, Jianshu Group also received the construction task of prefabricated agricultural housing of the Housing and Construction Department, covering Guilin, Guigang, Wuzhou, Hechi and other key poverty alleviation areas in Guangxi, and contracted more than 300 prefabricated housing units. After receiving the task of poverty alleviation by the Housing and Construction Department, the production of 200 light steel farm houses and all the material preparation needed to meet the delivery conditions have been completed within two days, so as to ensure the successful completion of the housing security task of poverty alleviation.


In addition to the recent tasks of poverty alleviation and renovation of dilapidated houses and post-disaster reconstruction, as early as February 2020, we have participated in the construction of Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital fighting against COVID-19, and undertook the construction of isolation wards in Yongwu Hospital of Guangxi People's Hospital, Shanglin Shenshan Hospital, Fangchenggang and Guiping "Xiaotangshan" Hospital.

Project cases

◎ Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital, Complete the installation and construction of all 411 sets of cotainer houses within 10 days;

◎ Nanning Yongwu Hospital, finished projects of 192 sets of cotainer houses in 7 days;

◎ Shanglin Ming Shenshan Hospital, finished projects of 118 sets of cotainer houses in 10 days;

◎ Fangchenggang Xiaotangshan Hospital, finished projects of  68 sets of cotainer houses in 7 days;

Guiping Xiaotangshan Hospital, finished projects of  87 sets of cotainer houses in 10 days.

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